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Refrigerator Art and Fabric Beads

May 30, 2005

No kids at home? No grandkids yet? So what do you for refrigerator art? In my case I’m doing a magnet swap with other artists. My original thought was to use some junk jewelry and do some wire and bead work on the pieces but nothing was too inspiring when I went through my junk jewelry box. So I got the bright idea of making wire pin dolls and turning them into magnets – we had learned how to make them at doll club. They were fun to make and here’s their picture.


Faces ATCs

May 28, 2005

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day! We got our kitchen garden planted, I brushed out the dogs, and just enjoyed myself outside. I did end up having to hide from the sun after a while though and I worked on a couple of paper ATCs that I’m doing for a swap on Nervousness. It’s a Faces ATC swap and I thought I’d try drawing them. So here they are …

Faces ATC

Click on image to enlarge
I drew the faces with pigma pen, colored them with pencil and gel pen. Then made the hair and hats from pieces of scrapbook background papers. I think the blue girl looks Tyrolean! Yes, that is a fish on the hat of the other girl. I have one more to make for this swap. I’m getting caught up though, little by little.

Bella Donna

May 27, 2005

I’ve finished my little Flat Stanley for the round robin on Doll Street – although she’s not flat by any means. She will fit in an envelope though so she should pass muster! Here’s her vital statistics: Her body is a pattern by Sherry Goshon that was for an altered doll challenge that got cancelled, her face is a stamp from Barbara Willis, and her hair is knit by moi! This is the first time I used a face stamp and I have to say I enjoyed using it. I stamped the face in brown then did all the coloring with a mixture of gel pens, pencils, and acrylic paint. I never seem to use just one media on my faces. Her top is just a piece of panne velvet that I cut into shape – it doesn’t ravel. I figure since she’s getting dressed by everyone else she didn’t need much in the way of clothes. So now she’s ready for her big adventure .. she’s off to see most of the States, Canada, England, and Israel. She’ll be more well traveled than me by the time she comes home!

Round Robin Doll

Getting squashed

May 25, 2005

Here’s a picture of how I’m going to feel later today.


This is a doll made by Lynne Butcher called Mammogram Slam and the pattern is available at Dollmaker’s Journey. Inspiration is everywhere! What’s inspired you lately?

Round Robin Journal

May 23, 2005

Well, I didn’t get any arty stuff done while I was camping. Nothing new. My friend didn’t show up till 7:30 pm then we had dinner and after that it was just too late to pull everything out. So today I worked on one of the projects I wanted to do while I was out there. It’s a journal for a round robin doll I’m doing – a Flat Stanley kind of thing.


Off to the woods

May 20, 2005

We’re going camping at the lake this weekend. Most likely my husband will spend all his time fishing and I’ll be making art at the campground! I packed up ALL my paper art supplies (well, nearly all), my inks, my pens and pencils, some stamps, glue, some collage books, and I’m going to see if I can capture some mosquitoes in an ATC or two. Now I always take ‘stuff’ with me when I go camping but it’s usually fabric stuff. This is the first summer I’ve had an empty nest and that means an empty camper too. So my girlfriend and her husband are going with us and she’s a painter – so she should enjoy doing paper art. Now I need to go print out some pics of ATCs so she has a clue what we’re going to do .. mine all went out in the mail!


Illustration Friday

May 19, 2005

Here’s another way to suck the minutes out of your day. If you can draw you can participate .. if you can’t, well, you can still enjoy the heck out of the illustrations these folks make. It’s a weekly thing… they pick a topic, you illustrate it, you send them a link to your drawing. Be afraid, be very afraid .. it will drain your day looking, looking, looking…

New machine

May 18, 2005

I picked up my new sewing machine tonight, yay! I bought a Bernina Aurora 440QE. QE stands for quilting edition – it has a few extra quilting stitches and comes with a couple of quilting feet. The main reason I bought it was because I wanted the new Bernina Stitch Regulator. It’s a foot with a sensor that measures how fast you are moving your fabric when you’re doing free motion embroidery and it compensates for stitch length. So your stitches should be fairly even, which mine aren’t when I do this on my own. Mine are microscopic! I also wanted to be able to use the Needle Felting attachment and my current machine has the wrong kind of bobbin race (you know, the thingy you put in bobbin in). So now I can try that too. Oh boy, oh boy. I can’t wait for tomorrow so I can unpack it and play, play, play.

Sew Lovely

May 17, 2005

Today I finished up the piece from the Friday night class. This is a paper and fabric confection. They make up really quickly – you can probably get one finished in a couple of hours and they can be made to fit any theme. I think it’s really pretty.


Class is over :<

May 16, 2005

You don’t realize just how much energy you expend when you spend three days in classes. After all, all you do is sit, you listen, and then you create. But it’s draining. We finished class early because Barbara realized everyone was getting tired. After I got home I had some supper, sat down to relax and promptly fell asleep. I didn’t even unload all my stuff from my car. The doll isn’t done but she’s within a couple of hours of being finished. This photo shows how much I’ve got done.