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April 30, 2005

Last night at our doll club UFO night I decided to experiment with heads. I took a profile drawing from the anatomy for artists book that I have and I reduced it so it was more ‘doll size’.


Hubby’s help

April 29, 2005

I’m working on the head design for my Crash Test Daughter. I haven’t got it to where the picture in my head is yet but it’s getting close. Yesterday I made a head that was really wide and right when I was finishing stuffing it my husband came down to my studio. I complained that the head was too wide so he told me to sculpt it smaller.
“What?” I said “You can’t sculpt a head smaller”
“Sure you can”
“Thread me a needle and I’ll show you”
So he proceeded to sew from side to side and it sure did pull the sides of the head in. When he was done I asked what I was supposed to do with the huge dimples he’d created on the sides of the head.
‘They’re for ears”
Of course.

Disastrous Daughters

April 26, 2005

You know you don’t have to go far to get inspiration for art. If you’ve been reading my blog you know that one of my daughters got in a car accident – and that sparked the idea for the Crash Test Dummy doll. Well, same daughter got paid off by the insurance company – more money than the car was worth so she had extra after the loan was taken care of – and instead of using it towards buying another car she’s spent it. So now the second doll in the Daughter series is going to be Money Burns. I think she will be standing looking into an empty wallet while a rain of red-hot coins fall unnoticed from her pockets to the ground.

Scanning fabric

April 24, 2005

I’m a little confused about how to scan fabric. Maybe I need to learn about my new scanner. I scanned some of the postcards I made on Friday and when the scan is at 100 percent it looks great and you can even see all the grain in the fabric.


Art Doll Quarterly – again

April 23, 2005

I posted earlier about Susan’s Bendi doll being in Art Doll Quarterly – what she missed was the Odd Doll page – the last page in the magazine. My very good dolly friend Sharon’s Bendi dolls are there! She even has a credit on the table of contents – which I think she got more of a kick out of than the photo page! Guess when Susan and Sharon flipped through the magazine they both missed the last page. Another gal found it and told us. To think I know all this about the magazine and I’ve yet to see it, sheesh! But Susan’s bringing her copy over for ‘Sewing Sunday’ … so I only have to wait untill tomorrow …

Angel pin

April 23, 2005

I’ve used this design before to make an ‘I’m thinking of you’ present. This little angel was made for a woman who is battling cancer. This is the second time I’ve made one of these angels for the same reason and I hope I don’t have to make any more!


Bendi in Art Doll Qtrly

April 22, 2005

One of my friends who I sew with on Sundays called me today … she was all excited … her altered Bendi doll was one of 17 picked to be featured in the summer Art Doll Quarterly. It was fun to hear the happiness in her voice … I had a big grin on my face as I listened to her. Guess the magazine hit the quilt store today and there it was … sharing a page with another doll. It’s a thrill to be published and I’m really happy for her! So look for Susan from Fairbanks’ doll when you get your copy!
If I’m lucky my subscription copy will get here in about a month … sigh.

How to make scissor fobs

April 19, 2005

One of the things I did today was make some scissor fobs – finally. I had bought the charms for these back in February – planning on making them as gifts. But as usual, they got forgotten – out of sight, out of mind!. They sell these things in the shops for $10 and up but you can make them yourself for about $1.50 and a little time.

They’re really easy to make. I have these everywhere – on my scissors, on all my hemostats. They’re fun to make – it will take you more time deciding what beads to use than it will making them. Plus they make great gifts! Hey – just remembered something .. I saw these in the clothing store being sold as “jewelry” – the kids clip them to their belt loops – and they were EXPENSIVE! So – lots of reasons to make them, eh?

Scissor fob

Update: Feb 2006. I taught an on-line class on how to make these. The class isn’t up anymore but if you would like to purchase the instructions I used it is only $2.00. I will email you the instructions once I get confirmation of payment from PayPal. This is an Adobe PDF file.

Gaseous Puppy!

April 18, 2005

Another post that has nothing to do with art! Oh no – is this a trend? I got a new dog recently – he was my daughter’s dog but she decided she didn’t like him so I inherited him. His name is Zach, he’s a miniature American Eskimo dog, and he is six months old. He’s a real sweetie but he’s like having a real little boy! Saturday enough snow had melted to expose a tiny little square of grass – guess who found it! He came in the house with one entire side of his little body green. Puppy shampoo doesn’t do squat for grass stains! Then today he got himself stuck under the generator while exploring the deep recesses of the garage so now he smells like fuel. A little green gas guy – jeez. Guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow (again!).


What a bust!

April 17, 2005

This September my club is supposed to be bringing Arley Berryhill up to teach costuming. I am soooo looking forward to it! I can’t sew a costume from scratch to save my life! For the class we have to have a body already sewn to use as a mannequin. So the Dragon Ladies decided to get a head start on it!