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Rainy California

February 26, 2005

Just got back from a week in Southern California visiting with family. I was hoping to go to a doll club meeting down in San Diego to hear Patti Culea speak but got rained out. Well, maybe that should be wimped out. Decided I didn’t want to drive long distances on unfamiliar roads in pouring rain. Ah well. I did get to go to a couple of great shops though. Found an utterly amazing yarn shop that had so many choices it was overwhelming. If you get to Laguna Hills check out the Yarn Lady. Also went to a craft shop called Tall Mouse – it’s like a Hobby Lobby and I was astounded to see the high quality goods they carried. Wasn’t used to finding Hoffman batiks, Michael Miller, Alexander Henry and other ‘quilt shop’ fabrics in a chain store. Plus a great collection of inks and fabric paints. They had an large variety of Prismacolor pencils so I got to augment my collection, yay! It’s nice to be home where I have my sewing machine though – I did a lot of knitting while I was gone. I’ve found I’m not very good at sitting and watching tv or chatting anymore without something for my hands to do. Made three of those narrow scarves out of novelty yarns while I was gone. Guess I’ll have to learn to wear them now!

More Patterns

February 16, 2005

Ordered some new patterns today. Don’t know why .. I just seem to read them and set them aside. Sometimes I make the doll, but usually not any time close to when I receive the pattern. Some I read and then decide I don’t really want to make them after all. Some I just love but just don’t get around to. Curious.

The trolls are done!

February 13, 2005

Whoo hoo – the trolls are done! They were so happy that they got into some booze and made real idiots of themselves. Here they are in all their glory.

Troll dolls

Click on the photo for a larger image.
My troll is the one laying on the table. The others thought they could drink him under the table, well, he showed them!

So many projects, so little time

February 11, 2005

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to get any one thing done. Or I need more material or paint or beads to finish a project. So it gets put aside. Something else gets started and it’s just so hard to get back to an earlier project. If I made a list of UFOs it would look like this:


Crackle Head

February 10, 2005

Rivkah, a doll artist in Israel, asked me to share how I made this crackled head. I was taught this method by Christine Shively when she came to Alaska for a doll class. It’s been a while since I made this but I’ll try to remember what I did.

crackle head

Click on the photo for a larger image.
First I painted the base layer, which is a peachy flesh color. You need to make this the color you want to have show through the crackles. Let this dry.


Combat shopping

February 10, 2005

Just got back from two days of shopping in Anchorage with three of my girlfriends. We hit every fabric, fiber, and bead store we could find. What fun! I bought some wonderful silks and drooled over lots more. Can’t find fine fabrics in our town, and it was a bit overwhelming to see prices of $50.00 per yard and up. Luckily dolls don’t take lots of yardage so I could buy as little as a quarter yard and then it didn’t seem so expensive. We all bought some knitting needles and novelty yarn and sat in our hotel room learning to knit those funky little scarves that are selling for upwards of $60. Mine is nearly done now. Doesn’t take too long when you only have 11 stitches on the needle! So now I have something else to do .. ai yi yi. As if I don’t have enough projects to work on. Ah well, it’s all soothing to the soul.

Trolls to go

February 7, 2005

These sure are funny looking! Sometimes ya gotta wonder about naked dolls! But we got the toes sculpted, the legs on, the arms on (well, except for me – I seem to be the slow one in the bunch) and one more Sunday should see them done. I think we had more fun arranging them on the bench for their photo shoot than we did sewing them.

Troll Dolls


Who needs a head anyway?

February 5, 2005

Looks like some maniac got into my studio and lopped off the heads of some of my dolls. Didn’t find them rolling on the floor though so it must be something else. Like my bad habit of popping heads off when I’m not entirely pleased with them. Of course if I made another one it wouldn’t be so bad but I don’t ever seem to get around to it.

Headless Dolls


It’s sew cold!

February 4, 2005

Winter in Alaska is great for the creative spirit … here’s why!

40 below=

When it gets this cold all I want to do is stay indoors and play. So I do!

There are NO mistakes

February 3, 2005

I don’t know who said ‘there are no mistakes, only opportunities’ but I really like that saying. Tonight I was working with a wonderful piece of fabric that my daughter brought back from Korea for me. I must admit it wasn’t much material – she went to a tailor shop to buy me fabric and they didn’t understand why she wanted it – so they gave her 3 scraps. I’ve been saving those scraps for something special – and darned if I didn’t give myself an opportunity tonight to use all of it! I’ve been taking an online class (just love those things!) and I was working on the overcoat for the figure. I knew I had to fussy cut the material so I could get the color and the motifs where I wanted them so I very carefully laid out the pattern pieces. There were two, the back of the coat was one piece (placed on the fold), and a piece for the sides (right sides together). Got them cut out – had a blue motif on one side – matched the trousers perfectly – and a fuschia one on the other. Went to sew them together and realized that I should have turned the side pattern piece over since I had cut them separately. I had two right sides. Grrrr. What a waste! It was the ONLY blue motif on the material. That definitely bummed me out but I cut out another piece and finished the coat. Know what? It came out great .. better than it would have with two different color motifs. I even managed to get them nearly perfectly even on each side of the coat. Ergo … no mistake .. just a great opportunity for creativity! Ya gotta love it!


P.S. I do this kind of thing all the time. When I used to make clothing – very infrequently I might add – I always put something on backwards. Guess it’s just one of my quirks! And I was trying to be SOOOO very careful too!