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Bendi dolls – quick and easy

December 22, 2004

I’ve never been particularly enchanted with Bendi dolls but my doll club wanted everyone to enter the Bendi Doll challenge issued by Art Doll Quarterly. Along with everyone else I bought a couple full size Bendis and a bunch of the mini Bendi Dolls – the 6 inch ones. I never got inspired by them so never made anything for the challenge. They have been sitting on the shelf for months, just a blank canvas waiting for my muse to speak. But the other night I wanted to make a quick thank-you gift for the hostess of our quilt shop staff party.
Baby Bendi
So I grabbed a baby Bendi off my shelf and


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

December 21, 2004

Last night I had a holiday party to attend for the quilt shop I am affiliated with. We always have a gift exchange and the gift must be handmade. As I said earlier I’ve been working like mad to get the doll for my class finished, which, by the way, I got an A on (10 out of 10 points). Yay! So I didn’t have much time to make a whole new doll, which is what the girls have come to expect from me. So what did I do?


A funny compliment

December 16, 2004

Yesterday on my way to the University to take my doll “The Last of the Faeries” in for grading I stopped in at the quilt store that I am affiliated with. A group of women called the Hot Bobbins (don’t you love that name!) sew there every Wednesday, and two of them are members of my doll club. One of the ladies made a comment that really got me thinking.


Wings to fly with

December 15, 2004

I finally got the doll finished for my art project – she is titled “The Last of the Faeries”.
fairy godmother
I had a lot of fun making the wings and they were so easy. I wanted lacy wings so I figured I’d try burning organza to achieve that look. I had never tried it before but I’ve read about it in magazines and it sounded simple.
I drew out a sketch of what I wanted the wings to look like so I didn’t go into it blindly.


Wigged Out

December 14, 2004

I’ve had a beautiful piece of white tibetan lamb skin for nearly a year but haven’t used it because I was afraid of wig making. The piece was perfect for the doll I’m making for my art final so I took a deep breath and plunged in.
I had done some research on wig making before and the attempts I made at just making the wig form were awful. Tried wetting buckram and molding/darting it to the head – looked terrible and, boy, was it ever sticky! But I found an interesting picture/tutorial on Mimi Kirchner’s blog (she’s got hair) which I adapted for my doll.


Wire Woes

December 9, 2004

I think if it wasn’t for little problems (stumbling blocks) I wouldn’t experiment as much as I do. I said earlier I’m working on my project for my art class – and I’ll be doing so for at least a week.
Living in a small town can be a real challenge to finding the materials that you need. I spent one morning going from hardware store to hardware store looking for aluminum wire to use as an armature. I finally found some wire to use for the body but none for the hands. I went through all my wire at home but none had the same malleability as the Alumaloy armature wire.


Three left feet

December 5, 2004

Yesterday I was working on a doll that I’m making for my final in my Color & Design class. The pattern I’m using has a two part foot; you sew the heels together on the sole before you add the top of the foot. The toe of the foot has a definite curve so you have a shapely foot for sculpting.